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Welcome to fluid - a space dedicated to the art of homemaking and interior design. My name is Kate Shakoory and I am the founder of FLUID. Here I am sharing my journey of making our house a home, finding ways to express my creativity in the world of interior design, and incorporating practicality without compromising on aesthetics. I am constantly looking for methods to make spaces personal, intimate, and cozy yet keep them functional by looking for items that "speak" to me and serve a purpose for everyone in our family. I am lifting the curtain on my experiences and sharing the techniques, unique finds, and design methods that I encounter along the way.

I truly believe in keeping your approach  fluid - letting your creativity flow through your space and satisfy your innate desire to build a home with a naturally comfortable feel, and not being afraid to allow your lifestyle dictate what your space should be like. As I always say, don't hesitate to switch things up to accommodate and better serve you and yours. 


fluid is here to encourage you to experiment and have fun in your design journey, and hopefully some of my homemaking experiences shared here will help, inspire or simply entertain. 

Keep it  fluid and have fun!



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