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From water to wine: elegant glassware for your holiday table

When serving drinks I always pay special attention to glassware - I truly believe it makes half of the experience. Of course, there is science behind proper drinkware - it does impact the opening of your beverage’s flavor and aroma, but it’s also the elegance, the ambiance, the pleasure that come from holding a delicate glass of wine at dinner. I invite you to turn a simple act of drinking (water, wine, whiskey and anything in between) into a tactile, visual and gustatory experience for you and your guests by choosing proper glassware.

Here is a roundup of my favorite drinking glasses, stemware, carafes, decanters along with some serving suggestions.

And as always, everything has been personally tested and whole-heartedly approved by yours truly.


These handcrafted tumblers with optic detailing by Crate&Barrel are a beautiful choice for your everyday drinks like water and juices.

They come in two sizes - we use the short ones for old-fashioned cocktails.


Shop the look:

Another great option are these tall tumblers by CB2. If you like minimal look with a mid-century vibe these are the way to go. And they look way more expensive than they actually are!


Shop the look:

Red wine glasses:

I love a big sexy wine glass with curves and prefer the rounded silhouette to a more angular column-like options available on the market. And, of course, a long delicate stem makes me very merry.

These 24 oz. curvy beauties are my top choice for red wines. The chamber is tapered and slightly flattened at the bottom which provides a nice amount of aeration while keeping the aroma inside the glass for your drinking, smelling and swirling pleasure.


Shop the look:

White wine glasses:

These tall 20 oz. delicate white wine glasses are one of the most elegant additions to your stemware collection that I can possibly think of. They would definitely get you a pleasurable experience of having white wines and, as a bonus, lots of compliments from your guests. Besides, they are a nice transitional piece that will work with any tablescape style.


Shop the look:

Sparkling wine glasses:

You say "sparkling wine" - I think "coupe glasses". There is a particular charm this type of glass possesses that I cannot resist. Coupe is, hands down, my most favorite type of glass if I were to rate them.

My pick is from Crate & Barrel - it reminds me of the iconic "roaring twenties" era but with contemporary spin.

I also love serving other drinks like martinis and cosmopolitans in these coupe glasses.

Extra tip: they are gorgeous as serveware for desserts - think tiramisu, berries and cream, soufflé or ice cream.


Shop the look:

Note: Coupe glasses do not preserve the bubbles of champagne and other sparkling wines very well due to their open saucer-like shape. Other options for your bubbly wines are classic flutes or more recently introduced tulip-shaped glasses. Here are a couple of suggestions:


Thanks to using a decanter, I have looked at some red wines from a whole new perspective - aerating the wine in a decanter softens the tannins and helps to release its aroma so if you like red wine and do not own a decanter I highly suggest getting one - your tastebuds and nose will thank you.

I picked one from Pottery Barn for it's angular contemporary shape and the insert that helps with aeration.


Shop the look:

Carafes & Pitchers:

A simple glass carafe with water, milk or orange juice can make your table look more way more elegant and less crowded (eliminating beverages’ the original packaging like carton boxes and plastic bottles helps stay consistent with your color palette, tablescape style and not interfere with the ambience). It's also very convenient for storing freshly squeezed juices and infused water (leave a comment below if you would like to see recipes of my favorite infusions).

I chose these two options of glass carafes below - both are a very practical and modern.

Extra tip: Leave one of these bottles filled with chilled water and a couple of glasses on the bedside table in your guest bedroom - they will appreciate this thoughtful touch.


Shop the look:

Leave a comment below if you would like to see my favorite cocktail recipes, water infusions and anything else related to serving drinks. And don't forget to follow @fluidbykate on Instagram, tag us in your photos and share the love this holiday season!

Happy Holidays!


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