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Style with Fluid: ENTRYWAY CONSOLE

Styling of our entryway console table reflects my mood, season, and of course, our family's needs at that given moment, in other words, I love to keep the design fluid and easily changeable. Of course, there is always an underlying theme of coastal minimalism that flows through the rest of the house. Here I am inviting you to take a look at 3 different styling options of the same location - the entryway, with links to all products used and some alternatives - for your reading, shopping and styling pleasure.

Look #1:

I was on the hunt for a rather small console table due to limited space - West Elm has these compact pieces of furniture very suitable for apartments or tight corners of your house. The quality of this particular piece is great and, best of all, the delivery was quick!

If space is not an issue, here is a similar (but larger) coastal option from Crate & Barrel:

The round wood framed mirror was a lucky find from HomeGoods, I have found a couple of dupes from different brands:

Both marble trays are a collaboration between Grove Co. and Jeremiah Brent.

A small glass bud vase is from CB2, I like to have several of these around - they come in handy when setting up a table - scatter a few of them throughout the dinner table with flowers, dried botanicals or taper candles and you get a festive put-together look without crowding the table space with bulky floral arrangements:

Speaking of dried botanicals, bunny tail bunches in various colors can be found at Crate&Barrel, Etsy or your local Michaels:

And last but not least here - the gold shell shaped catchall tray was a random score at a small local boutique, but you can find similar pieces on Etsy, here are a couple of dupes:


Look #2:

This look has a different color palette - it's earthy, dominated by desert tones in the accessories, giving me Palm Springs vibes.

The clay vase is old Crate&Barrel, they do not sell it anymore but I found a few alternatives that are just as good - some of them are vintage (so hurry up if you want to grab them - they won't be available for long):

Books are vintage. I usually get large coffee table books from Etsy, these particular ones were from TheSeaCollective ( - they sell carefully curated vintage decor and books like this one that is still available:

Here are a couple of other vintage options:

P.S. When it comes to coffee table books, I prefer to buy real books that reflect my interests - they make my home personal and I do actually read them - that is also my way to avoid clutter and owning a bunch of unnecessary things.

Moving on to the next item - the round tealight candle holder - it is from H&M Home and actually has a slightly bigger "sister", I am linking both of them below.

Large one:

Small one:

Zara Home has for a few similar options, this particular one caught my eye:

The white trinket jar has made its appearance on this website before - it's truly one of my most favorite purchases from Anthropologie:

And last but not least - the dried palm leaves are from Crate&Barrel (they do not carry the pink ones any more but there is a more natural version that is linked below). Also, check out your local Michaels or Etsy for preserved botanicals.


Look #3

As you can see, some elements are reused in different styling options (the books and dried bunny tail bunch in this instance) - you can find the link to shop those in the list above.

The large black trinket jar is from Anthropologie:

The vase is old Crate&Barrel, you can find a few alternatives earlier in this post.

Black marble incense holder is another item from Jeremiah Brent x Grove Co. collaboration.

But since it sells out all the time, here is an alternative from CB2:

The match cloche is from Anthropologie but you can also find it on Amazon:

Let us know which look is your favorite in the comments below or head to our Instagram @fluidbykate to watch step-by-step of the styling process for each look.


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