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MY TOP 5: (Non-essential) nursery items

Hey mamas, this one is for you! I know how overwhelming it can be to set up a nursery - there are so many things you need and even more things you want. Everything is just so adorable when it comes to babies. Here is a round up of 5 best things I have bought for my daughter's room that you can most definitely survive without but, trust me, if you do choose to buy them, they will make a lovely addition to your little one's room. All items listed here have withstood the test of time - we have consistently used them for over a year and I stand behind the quality, aesthetics and functionality of each piece listed below.

west elm kids book shelf

  • Handmade Totoro Mobile:

My husband and I both love Hayao Miyazaki's movies and I particularly adore "My Neighbor Totoro" so I simply could not pass on this handmade felt crib mobile. Keep in mind though, since it is made-to-order and shipped from across the world, the delivery takes quite a bit of time.

The seller has a variety of options and all of them are absolutely adorable - beware, it is not going to be an easy choice!

totoro crib felt mobile

The mobile is made with great craftsmanship and can be personalized with a letter of choice (we picked "A" for Ariana).

totoro crib mobile

  • Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine:

This little device from Hatch creates a consistent white noise (it has a wide range of sounds to choose from), has a dimmable night light (you can pick from a variety of colors) and can be controlled both from your phone and with buttons on the bottom of the light. You can also program it to stop working/change colors at a certain time to let your toddler know when it's time to rise.

hatch baby rest sound machine

  • Unicorn LED light:

Crate&Barrel understood the assignment once again - my daughter was absolutely thrilled when we got this unicorn LED light for her room. It checks all the boxes: modern yet whimsical, it provides a great deal of warm light and looks like an art piece on a previously empty wall breaking the rigid symmetry of two widows.

It is a great transitional light: I turn off all the bright lights in the nursery about an hour prior to Ariana's bedtime and only keep the Unicorn light on - that helps her calm down and unwind before sleep.

unicorn LED kids light

During the day when the LED light is off it still looks adorable - it becomes a true modern nursery art piece thanks to its clean lines and neutral color.

unicorn LED light

  • Bamboo crib sheets:

I am a big fan of our sheets by Ettitude and constantly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a nice bedding set. Ettitude bedding is made out of their signature trade-marked organic CleanBamboo fabric that is sustainable, incredibly soft and silky, gentle on your skin and hair, breathable and comes in a tasteful variety of colors. When setting up Ariana's room I was looking for a bedding that is similar to ours and it turned out Ettitude had crib sheets too so I looked no further. Their sheets are, hands down, my number one choice for both adults and children.

bamboo ettitude crib sheets

(If you would like $30 off of your first order of $150 or more, DM us on Instagram @fluidbykate: "your email address + ettitude" for a discount code or simply use this link to purchase: )

west elm crib

  • Wooden hangers with clips:

These adorable hangers are so convenient when it comes to closet organization. I use them primarily for Ari's skirts and pants that are not in our everyday rotation. It is easy to find tiny hangers for sweaters and dresses but quite challenging when it comes to the ones with clips. I love these wooden hangers from Zara Home for their plastic-free construction and lovely color combo that goes with the rest of the room (remember my motto: no detail is too small!).

kids wooden hangers with clips

You can also use these to display your kids artwork, photos and cards.

We would love to see your non-essential nursery favorites - tag us @fluidbykate on Instagram.

And as always, stay fluid in your design approach and have fun!


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