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MY TOP 5: Practical (and Adorable) Organization Solutions For Your Kid's Room

Whether you are setting up a nursery as a new mother-to-be or struggling to keep your kid's room clean and organized, these organization solutions can help you feel like a true Marie Kondo and keep your home aesthetics alive even in the room of your little one (which, as all moms know, can sometimes look like it was hit by a tornado).

Here I am sharing my most favorite finds I have purchased when setting up the room for our bébé. From little hairbrush holders to toy organizers - below is everything that proved to be practical and made-to-last, yet absolutely adorable.

1. Book shelf:

Even though our daughter Ariana is only 1 we have accumulated quite a book collection already. To keep the books accessible to your child and at the same time neatly placed in the room is a breeze with a bookshelf that displays the covers, and even if space is an issue this book storage solution barely requires any as it's much more narrow in width than a traditional bookshelf.

2. Toy organizer:

Toy organizers are a true gem when it comes to keeping smaller things separated and neat. I was looking for one that was plastic free, looked cohesive with the rest of the room and didn't break a bank. The organizer I found in Zara Home is great for storing smaller toys, has adorable white pattern inside each compartment and compliments the color scheme of Ari's room.

Note: If you are interested in the one I bought, keep in mind that you will have to put it together yourself. Assembly process was not very difficult - the instructions were clear and well written. I personally found having a drill very helpful during the process but it is not a must because the organizer comes with a hex wrench.

Also, this particular one sells out very fast, so I listed a few alternatives in the "Shop the look" section below.

3. Boxes:

Who doesn't love a good old box for storage?! H&M home offers these adorable round box sets that come in 2 colors and can be stacked on top of each other. They are made out of sturdy carton which is great if you are trying to create a plastic-free nursery. (As practice shows, they can also function as a set of drums!)

4. Baskets:

Baskets are a fantastic portable storage solution - I love using them to for Ariana's toys when she is playing in the living room - they are so easy to carry and bring her stuff back to her room at the end of the day.

The variety of baskets can be absolutely overwhelming - every possible home store has a huge selection which makes it easy to find the ones that fit your needs, budget and home aesthetics. Go for various sizes instead of various styles for a thoughtfully curated and put-together look.

Once again, I went for a sturdy plastic-free option in white with a touch of natural wood that is available both on Amazon and in Ikea.

Note: Notice the small wooden pencil holders on the piano - they are a great choice for storing hair brushes, toy drumsticks, crayons and other little things that get lost so easily. They come in a bunch of different colors and are well-made (and besides, it's such a cute little detail!)

5. Wall shelves:

I decided to add wall shelves to display some knick-knacks, photos, art and memorable items that I wanted to see in Ari's room without her being able to easily reach them. They will also be a great option for storing books if placed at the lower level.


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