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WFH: home office essentials

In the new era of working from home (thanks, COVID) we all looked at our spaces differently - comfort and functionality became of primary importance along with the need for an officially designated work space at home. Most of us didn't even have a desk at our residences but now we all have to adapt. So I thought: "Things change, darling! Make the most of it" and started setting up a mini office space at home. If you find yourself in the same shoes or looking for some inspiration to revamp your exsisting workspace, this one is for you. I invite you to take a peak at my design process and share the details of my working space with links and honest opinions. And as always, everything listed has been carefully selected, personally tested and wholeheartedly approved by yours truly.

At home I am focused on creating a welcoming, peaceful and comfortable environment and my office nook was not an exception. I chose warm tones, natural materials and cozy textures to highlight the "FROM HOME" part of the work-from-home equation. I do like to pay homage to where we live - the coast of Southern California was and always is where I draw my inspiration.

So let's dive right in! (Coastal pun intended)


Of course, any office needs a desk. I chose this gorgeous minimalistic oak desk from ARTICLE. and I could not be happier with my choice. The desk is made out of solid wood, has a stunning elongated oval shape (which reminded me of a surfboard). It does not have any sharp angles or corners which provides a soft, almost feminine touch. Slightly tapered legs give off mid-century modern vibe which I very much admire.

Note: As for the functionality, the desk is very sturdy, has two drawers for storage and it is a perfect fit for smaller spaces but with that come a couple of things to keep in mind if you consider buying one or generally looking for a desk: my desk of choice is quite narrow so it is more suitable for a laptop rather than a complete desktop computer setup neither will it be a good fit for multiple monitors. This will be a great choice for someone who does not require too much space for documents, folders or large format papers like construction plans. It is truly a compact, minimalistic piece made with good craftsmanship that I highly recommend (given that the description above fits your needs). For those of you who require more space but want a modern oak desk I added some suggestions in the "Shop the look" section below.


Office chair is arguably the most important piece in your office since you are spending so much time in it. I am not a big fan of those plastic-and-mesh black office chairs, however, I cannot deny their functionality and comfort (in some cases). So please do choose according to your needs and preferences. For my space I wanted to avoid the above mentioned type of seating and went for this oak finished upholstered office chair from Crate&Barrel. The ivory fabric, warm honey-toned back and bronze base create a well-balanced eye-catching ensemble that worked well in my setting.

Note: This is a stylish well-made piece of furniture but, as mentioned in some reviews on the website, the handles are lower than usual. It was not a deal breaker for me, however, it can be for the one who likes the elbows rested comfortably on the chair handles.

Pin board:

I love having a vision board or something similar to Kelly Wrestler's infamous vibe trays - it helps see and feel the projects more clearly. I was certain I needed a pin board to replace the art piece in between the windows that was originally in the house when we moved in. This oval gold-framed board was an obvious choice the second I saw it. It's unconventional shape indirectly mirrors the similar silhouette of the table and creates softness in the rigid geometry of windows. Its gold frame is almost matte which works well with the brass base of the chair and the task light. White linen fabric, once again, ties it back to the chair creating a cohesive story throughout the whole space.

Task light:

This one was an easy decision to make - simple, modern and functional - this lamp from Pottery Barn has a built-in USB port, wireless charger and an ability to direct light in many ways while being a total stunner.

Desk Accessories:

"No detail is too small" is the golden rule that I apply in every aspect of designing a space. Every little thing can help create a story, so why not use this as a tool? Desk organizers and accessories are a great example of how seemingly insignificant items can have a noticeable impact in interior design.

My matching paper bin and pen holders from Pottery Barn are wrapped in the texturally and visually warm linen fabric that almost exactly matches our curtains which, once again, connects the office space with the rest of the room.

The ivory toned leather mouse pad adds another tactile layer to the environment without overpowering the general color scheme.

Remember, details and everyday items can support the aesthetics of your space effortlessly and without breaking a bank. Don't be afraid to play with functionality - oftentimes you can repurpose vintage vases, baskets and trays as office organization solutions. Check out local thrift stores and flea markets for unique finds. is my favorite online destination for small vintage pieces. And if you are feeling crafty, maybe consider some DIYs (Athena Calderone has an awesome tutorial on how to make your own swoon-worthy pin board:

Curate mindfully, stay fluid in your approach and have fun!


Shop the look:



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